It’s a curse

Weaving every hushed word

Into a web of melting ice,
Every night

As I crumble our sleep to dust

You whisper questions of why

I compare 

Our sweetly entwined existence

To speckled crumbs

And powdery chocolate’s 


Why our interlaced limbs

Find translation in

Juicy meat’s tender skin,
It’s a curse

My disease

And though its breaths

Find nourishment within my aching chest

Those thoughts of trickling honey

Are killing me oh so painstakingly,
Meatless bones scooped up

In your embrace

As the bliss of your glowing warmth

I see reflected in


Promise of sating gluttony,
Can’t help piercing

Your succulent lips

As they part to let me in;

Without you

I would lay starved

Forgive my mind

For its weakness

Please bathe me in the light

Without which

This shadow would prove too frail

To stand.

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