She lost her heart

To the vicious glow

Of another’s 

Heartbreakingly repugnant


Pulsating from the painful slits

Of those cosmic eyes,
Strolled the glazed streets

Of Paris

With only the ghostly Moon

Keeping a watchful eye

As awaiting faces wilted

In the wake of

Her heart’s stabilized

Purest adoration

Thickening pungent blood

As its cloying richness

Had decaying vampires 


To the delicacy of that innocent blink,
Yet her back never


And mesmerizing eye

Never strayed 

From her mind’s 

Wickedly etched 


To another’s petal scent,
Strode through centuries

Confident in her love

As it took her under its wing

Never to be alone

Timeless propriety

A toasty cloak

In the storm. 

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