Down below

In the sands of time

Crunching beneath your feet

Crimson smears

And biting swords’ sheaths

Send your victims begging for my scowl’s

Permissive whims,


A mighty beast

Your baring armour

Allows you to be

As you pierce fellow slaves’

Awaiting cracks

With the skittering blades

Of your rampant knives,


Entranced and breathless

I stare

At the reckless abandon with which you

Hum soothing cries of vengeance

Upon blank-eyed weakness’

Shifting gaze,


And when frozen crowds

Await my thumb’s

Rapturous fall towards Hell

Your soulless eyes crackle

With the promise of

A victor’s sleepless night

By my side,


Yet when mind too clouded

Misses the glide of prey from your jittery grasp

You fall

Pierced with vice’s rapid sword

Between your ribs

And I die

Perched upon my velvety seat

Shedding blood instead of tears.

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