Last night in your arms

Shattered morning’s heart

So it would never itch to pull me back

From this last moment

In your rib cracking



Prickly stars melting on my tongue

As you drink up

The dawn of separation

In the traitorous sky,


I swear

They will have to

Sever my arms from

Around your trembling frame

With the axe of this torment

And bleed the memory of the purest mercy

In your eyes

From the tattered edges

Of my mind

To weaken my devotion to you,


But if we bolted

My love

Would the hounds cripple broken hearts further

With tetchy snouts

Or would mellowed pluck succumb

To the nefarious docility of fickle sentiment’s hushed gasps,


I beg of you;

Crush me to dust this night

And release cosmic ashes along with this

Maddening angst.

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