You could never fathom

The poisonous elation of lifted guilt’s lips’

Trembling kiss

And that is why you persist

In replying to chilly wind’s hiss

With the softest of mists,


Placed your ghost’s shivering presence

In the palm of a monstrous hand

When my mind’s telling silence split its ears on your

Howling for me,


Ran through time

To find all the scattered pieces

Of a somewhat stabilised heart

Just to have you seize it in the blink of a glazed eye,


Lies they told me about

Fantastical beasts exiled

To the shadows of forgotten volumes

That much I know

As cracked fingers drown in the valleys

Your nails have engraved down

The arch of my back,


Though tall I still cave

Before your ghost’s call for me

To follow you into a bloody

Raging war,


Drilled with spears and lifeless

My corpse still shudders

Under your healing touch

And though my mind wanders

It will never stray from

The purgatory of

Your love.

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