Outlandish Demise of the Soft Hue In Those Eyes

When the icy winds

Rolled around

To whip her mane

Wildly in the

Brutal air

A tacky hand pressed down

On the hilt

Of her trembling knife

Summoning an unsteady mind

Away from the lure

Of the freeing tides,


Lined up her lover’s lies awaited

With knees split on

The ship’s unforgiving wood

And bulging eyes

Shot through with frenzy

As she locked up her eye’s


For the hatred which

She was fed

By the animalistic snarls

Ripping their way out of their

Hyperventilating chests,


On the salty sea’s


She made them swear

To abscond from

Further sin

Then drew rudderless blood

With steel’s

Deaf yet agile blade

Which roared piercingly

In the face

Of her lover’s trounced


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