Found my shadow

Somewhere in the midst of

Spanish rains

Slimmer from exhaustion

And the heady

Flow of elation

From gradually healing veins,


Awed I watched it


Into a stoically poised

Egyptian queen

Adorning a look of wonder

As she pulled

The frozen shadow in,


Gritty sand trickling

From her carved beauty

And golden honey dripping

From every raspy whisper

As the doors of the station

Swung to a close;

Bending us to the will

Of splitting dawn’s silence,


She lulled me to sleep

With wispy fingers

Carding through

My wanton breaths,


Banished the stranger

In me

With the lick of

Her lidded eyes over

My wondrous gaze,


Blue irises


As they fed on

My soul

And lips melting

As they bred tales of

Her heart’s


For a lost love,


Three days

She haunted my sleep

Until the bleeding rays

Of the sun

Tore beloved flesh

Off her drooping back,


Too long I wailed

Into the darkness

Gasping for my hidden eye’s


Until the Egyptian sun mutinied

Combusting onto the blue

And letting the rippling ocean

Consume my love’s gaze

So she would take me in

Once more

Through glassy reflection’s

Passing fancy.


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