Perché no!…

Your wordless lies

An abstract art

Through an apostle’s eye

I sieve

From my sanity’s

Adulterating fears,


Fell down

And cracked the jaw

With which I had professed

My agitation

With your gaze’s telling



Howled in pain

As my kicking legs

Tore three holes in my

Golden dress;

Nails scratching at

Tattered flesh,


The illusion of your

Trembling hand’s touch

Between my shoulder blades

A constant pressure

Causing brain function

To capitulate,


The clamour of your knees

Hitting the gravel

Rang through the world

As your trembling lip

Clashed with stone

Grey eyes;

Our childhood love

A wispy spirit

Leaving bitten rage’s cast

As you stitch me up

With pity’s captivating


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