In the park

Slender arms wrapped

Around the statue’s neck

And hand-slapped skin smoothed

By marble’s

Enamelled chest,


Gushing fountain water

Consuming your ardour

As sceptical eyes

Skewer you

To the object of your heart’s

Pitiless itch,


Pieces of our picnic fruit

Bleed onto my puzzled lips

As I watch you

Kiss Aphrodite’s pillowy hips,


You will never know

The soulless perfection

You seek

Hides in the coins

Glistening by your feet

While you prance around

Declaring yourself touched

By Zeus’ might’s eye,


And like a fool

I watch your summer dress


To the beat of your

Winded breast

While the pearly liquid

You drink

Turns to wine

That splutters from

An overeager mouth,


The dementia you fear


As you draw perfection

From Aphrodite’s wrists.

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