Took the job abroad

Which you had turned down

And loaded my bags

With the powdered regret

You coughed up,


Thrust me into the world

With the steely hues of


Melting from your pores,


Trusting me to flounder about

In the muggy vision of your mind

Forgetting that the cosmic thought

Shifting in my bones

Would always keep your

Pious reins

At bay

Where they belong,


Shuttered the crust

You cemented over my

Hammering heart

That ripped the translucent


Off my back,


Arms too traitorous

As they swallowed you up

In despair;

Clutching onto fear

As ashen lungs gasped for air,


Thought I would never fly

With crippled wings snapped in half

But you would watch me


To abscond from

The weight of

Your scorn.

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