It was all about the flowers

When you sprinkled


Down my collar

And it all dissolved into mist

As you whispered

Sweet nothings

Into the abyss,


True enough

Your diversions taste richer

On this side of the


As you keep me well-nourished

In the captivity

Of this blossoming



Choked on the smoke

Of my winter clothes

Which you roasted

In the dazed hours

Of the night

So that I would seek out

The comfort of your

Encircling arms,


Raw and tender

I lay

In the drafty confines of

Our bed

As each night I watched you gallivant

With a new on-screen love

Scorching your

Heavenly arms,


I caught a cold

As you sweated patience

Off your growing lour;

In sync with the weather

At odds with our




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