Saw you again

After trudging through

A million years’ spell,


Too weak to carry

The growing discomfort

Of your ghostly gaze

So I cut the pain

At its root

And saw our love

Flop down between

The boulders by our toes,


It’s been a while;

Felt my eyes

Turn wide

At the vile green

Of infatuation’s decaying form,


Can’t help but regret

Not having buried it

The second we

Fell from grace,


Yet your tender reflection’s stare

Stops my hand

From stitching finality

Into its crux,


Wish I hadn’t caught sight of

Your silhouette pilgrimming

To the shore

And feeding our baby’s dying form

With blinded truths

And weakened hope,


Let it die

My love

And see beauty


From its core.

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